Female Back and Side Tattoos 2011

By now you have for sure seen the huge trend and the quickly dying trend I might add of lower back tattoo designs. Throughout the 90?s the lower back tattoo was synonymous with sexy and women were getting them like there was no tomorrow. However, as more and more women got them it started to become clear that it was passing the point of cool and starting to get over done. However, those who jumped early still have bragging rights and can proudly say hey I got my lower back tattoo done in 1991 before they were popular. At any rate the life of the lower back tattoo has pretty much come and gone.

Of course tattooing is always something that is individual and unique to each person or at least at its best moments it should be that way. So in other words if you still really want to get a lower back tattoo the by all means you should because that is what tattooing is all about self expression.

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