Hogwarts House Tattoos

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Got this a few years ago, was SUPER excited when I found this group. Glad there are other fanatics out there. I'm planning my next tatoo, and there are some sweet things making the wheels in my head spin pretty fast. :-)

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Tattoo made by David from LTW tattoo and piercing studio, Barcelona, Spain, in July 2007.

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I got these when I was 17. When people ask my why I have Harry Potter tattoos I tell them that it’s a part of my childhood that I never want to forget. They usually still think it’s pretty lame so I just push them on the ground ‘cause that’s what a true Slytherin would do :}

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This is my brother’s tattoo. He’s a true Slytherin and a huge Harry Potter fan. This is actually his second HP tattoo (the other is “Morsmordre”). It’s not yet finished. He’ll be going in for coloring within the week.

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I finally got my HP tattoo!!! It's on my calf!

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