Vanessa Hudgens New Tattoo

After Miley Cyrus, now Vanessa Hudgens is getting into the fashion of tattoos.

Vanessa Hudgens has not only got herself a new tattoo, it is also her her first ever tattoo. She was wise and waited to be 22 to get her first tattoo which is a good example to young teenagers who can see that you can be hot, trendy and cool and not get an under-age tattoo.

The "High School Musical" babe decided to go for a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck. She had it done by renowned tattoo artist BangBang, who is the tattoo artist behind Rihanna’s body art.

She revealed the tattoo when she was in New York City just after she had it done. It's a very feminine design and a symbol of freedom and evolution. Let's hope she doesn't get addicted to tattoos and keeps it feminine and stylish in future.

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